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pet peeve: when people use hashtags in their snapchats 

creami replied to your post“creami replied to your post“my birthday is on monday and i have no…”

i wanna eat 3 watermelons per person i wanna look so pregnan t and poop out the baby
when i slip into a 3 yr food coma please eat my leftovers cause i dont think i’d be able to eat ever again

creami replied to your post“my birthday is on monday and i have no plans and my family isn’t even…”

im ur friend tho..
creami replied to your post“i might not have friends to spend my birthday with but i do have cats”
ill be here for u!!! not physically but yea
i know that and i love you so so so much and thank you. idk i’m just kind of sad that i’m going to end up spending my 18th birthday at home alone…. i wish you were here so we could like go to the beach and split a watermelon in half and bring a bundle of bananas and a loaf of bread and get smoothies after or go to chinatown or something like weird and fun. but i’m really lucky and really glad that i still got u here 

i’m having an anxiety attack and my heart is racing and my palms are clammy and it’s hard to breathe but i haven’t been worrying about anything and honestly i’m really sleepy and i hate how like my body will respond this way even when i know i’m alright because then i start having anxiety thinking that i have a heart issue but i DON’T it’s just my anxiety. on the bright side i’m looking into getting a therapist because i had to go to the emergency room for a panic attack because it was so bad and i was unable to breathe my chest was so tight but i hate that waiting period between now and the time i’ll be getting help it’s not like i can put my anxiety on hold until i have someone to talk to about it. :-( i even exercised and ate a lot today and i don’t even have caffeine anymore because it makes me panic……. this sucks……….. i don’t know how to calm myself down or know what to do because every little thing makes me anxious and even getting up to get water or laughing at something or any little thing brings my heart rate back up and that freaks me out so bad

i might not have friends to spend my birthday with but i do have cats